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No. 58, Palace Road, Bengaluru, India - 560 052

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Department of Physics

Year of establishment : 1948

Ms.Letitia Lizzie Jeswant, M.Sc., HOD and Associate Professor


The department of physics envisions a life - oriented education that empowers the students with scientific temper, analytical power and logical reasoning, to be agents of transformation and development at different levels of life. Enabled and empowered, they can contribute to build a truly knowledge based society and a science based economy.


  • To promote a value based basic science education and contribute to the scientific workforce of the country.
  • To generate interest and passion for the subject and create an environment that is conducive to learning.
  • To provide quality, integral, vocational and career oriented education.
  • To empower women with leadership qualities thus enabling them to contribute to the transformation of society and social liberation.
  • To work towards the integrity of creation and eco-justice.

Courses offered – UG:

  1. PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)
  2. PME (Physics, Mathematics, Electronics)
  3. PMC (Physics, Mathematics,Computer Science)

                                                  Titles of the papers offered

I Semester II Semester
Paper I -Mechanics and Properties of matter Paper II-Thermal Physics and Solar Energy
III Semester IV Semester
Paper III- Electricity and Magnetism Paper IV-Waves, Oscillations and Optics
V Semester VI Semester
Paper V- Quantum mechanics and Electronics Paper VII- Solid state physics and Material science
Paper VI- Statistical physics, Relativity, Atomic and Molecular physics Paper VIII- Nuclear physics Opto electronic devices and Astro physics


Under CBCS system from June 2015 batch onwards - 

Interdisciplinary course

Astronomy and Astro physics offered in III and IV semesters for Arts, Commerce and Applied sciences students.

Department Library: 530 books                           

Research projects

  • Letitia Lizzie Jeswant-UGC minor research project- Comparative study on thin films of oxides prepared by chemical methods-2015
  • K.S. Shamala- Co-investigator-UGC major research project-Fabrication and characterization of nano grain sized Tin oxide and Zinc oxide films as transducers-2012
  • Students, Chandrika S and Swathi, Dr. K.S. Shamala- Vision Group of Science and Technology sponsored Science Projects in College Education (SPICE)- Preparation and characterization of TiO2 thin films by spray Pyrolysis method for humidity sensors-2012
  • K.S. Shamala- UGC minor research project- Transparent conducting nano thin films as gas sensors -2011


  • Physics Lab I
  • Physics Lab 2
  • Physics Model Lab
  • Thin Film Lab                                 

 e- Newsletter: ‘Tarang’-Compiled and released in June every year. Highlights the activities of the department from June to May in every academic year.

  Email id:


Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, envisions a life-oriented education that empowers the students through a humanizing and liberative process, to be agents of transformation and development at different levels of life. Enabled and empowered, they respond pro – actively to concerns and conflicts inherent in today’s reality, especially those of women and persons who are unable to exercise their freedom to be human and work for the integrity of creation. The thrust is in the light of a “Civilisation of love”, the Kingdom of God, as envisaged and promoted by the Foundress, Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima. Read More>>>

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