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Auditorium / ಸಭಾಂಗಣ


1. Auditoria

MCC has 3 auditoria on campus.

Diamond Jubilee Auditorium:

The year 2008 was a watershed year, when the Diamond Jubilee Auditorium (DJA)commonly known as Main Audi was inaugurated to commemorate the diamond jubilee of our institution. A state -of- the- art edifice etched in stone with phenomenal acoustics and lighting, as well as grand artwork, the audi can accommodate an audience of 1500. DJA  showcases the best of intellectual and creative talents of MCC. 

Golden Jubilee Block:

In addition to the Main auditorium the college has 2 auditoria in the Golden Jubilee Block, each with a seating capacity of 300, which hosts exciting intra and inter collegiate events through the seasons.

2. Audio Visual Rooms

For multimedia based instructional approaches, the college has several AV rooms that signal the digital age where exciting, challenging novel concepts and possibilities are explored. In keeping with the communication revolution more than 50% of the classrooms are supported with audiovisual aids to enhance the teaching-learning experience.

3. Video Conference Rooms

The college has 2 video conference rooms fitted with all the latest equipment to give students and staff the benefits of the latest that communication technology has to offer.

4. Canteen/Cafeteria

MCC has several eateries on campus. It is next to impossible not to visit all of them on a daily basis, for who can say no to good wholesome food. The popular haunts on campus are the “Main Canteen” and several smaller food kiosks like Chat Shop, Momo Hut, Nescafe stall, the ice cream kiosk, etc.

 5. Sports Stadium and Recreation Facilities

A good training ground for several national and international sportswomen over the years, Mount Carmel College has an excellent stadium with a well laid track located at a walk able distance from the main campus. On the campus there is a basket ball and throw ball court.

The college has a state-of-the-art gymnasium and a yoga/ aerobics floor which are used by students and staff. We also have Table Tennis and Billiards facilities’ as well as a basketball court/throw all court and a tennikoit/ kho-kho court

6. Hostel

The Mount Carmel  " Mother Mary Hostel" , extends over 2 buildings (UG hostel and PG hostel) and houses 210 students. Students have refectories, reading/TV rooms, gymnasium and Wi Fi facilities. As a part of the Green Initiatives on campus the Hostel has solar water heaters and effective solid waste management. The structure of the building enjoys ample natural ventilation which minimizes power consumption

7. Stationery

To facilitate student needs, the college has an in house stationery store. The student friendly store meets customized needs of the various courses. The stationery also offers photocopying and printing facilities for students.

8. Chapel

Set in the sylvan  surrounding of the convent premises is the serene chapel, open through the daylight hours and on all days for people of all faiths.

9. Bank

All banking transactions of the institution, staff and students are taken care of by the Mount Carmel College Branch of the UCO bank. The Staff of the bank are an integral part of the MCC family.


    The UCO Bank has an ATM facility attached to the bank on campus.


The college has a dispensary with first aid facilities and a visiting doctor.

11. Internet

Keeping with the needs of the students and faculty the college has internet facility open 24 hours.

12. Montessori 

The Department of Home Science runs a laboratory nursery along the Montessori lines . Pre school children can be enrolled in this nursery run by well trained facilitators assisted by a team of attenders. The children have the additional benefit of being mentored and monitored by the students belonging to the course.


Our College is awarded A grade under the CGPA system of Accreditation in 2012.

Recognized College by UGC as a College with Potential for Excellence

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Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, envisions a life-oriented education that empowers the students through a humanizing and liberative process, to be agents of transformation and development at different levels of life. Enabled and empowered, they respond pro – actively to concerns and conflicts inherent in today’s reality, especially those of women and persons who are unable to exercise their freedom to be human and work for the integrity of creation. The thrust is in the light of a “Civilisation of love”, the Kingdom of God, as envisaged and promoted by the Foundress, Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima. Read More>>>

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