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  • Year of Establishment: 1948
  • Head of the Department: Mrs. Elizabeth.J.Thomas, Assoc.Professor&HOD-M.A, PG.D.TM

Mission of the Department

The Department works to maintain and enhance the aims and mission of the institution:

  • To be recognized as a leader in producing the finest graduates with a liberal arts background
  • Achieve overall development of the students
  • Instill in them a desire to excel
  • Competency-based, multi-disciplinary education
  • Produce graduates with a sense of values
  • Enable them to function in a global environment

Vision of the Department:

  • The Department of History will endeavour to advance scholarship within a trans-national, trans-regional, and trans-cultural perspective.
  • It aims to foster historical analysis undertaken not from the viewpoint of particular regions or states, but from that of the human community.

Why study History?

The study of history is vital to a liberal arts education. It is the discipline most concerned with understanding change. Virtually every subject has a history and can be analyzed and interpreted in historical perspective and context. The analysis and interpretation of history provide an essential context for evaluating contemporary institutions, politics, and cultures.

There is another reason to study history: it’s fun. History combines the excitement of exploration and discovery with the sense of reward when you figure out the hows and the whys! History is essential to the traditional objectives of the liberal arts, the quest for wisdom and virtue.

But does studying History get you a job?

Many history majors make successful careers for themselves in fields such as civil services, business, law, public affairs, tourism and travel trade, library science, museum studies, teaching, travel writing to name only a few! Some history majors elect to continue graduate studies with the goal of earning a masters degree in history. A master’s degree in history can help you develop your skills in research and critical thinking and enhance your employability in a number of fields.

Courses offered – UG (B.A)



First Semester Compulsory Paper

Paper I

India – Earliest times to 12th century

Second Semester Compulsory Paper Paper II
India – 12th century to 18th century
Third Semester

Elective Papers

Paper III
Facets of Karnataka
History of Prominent Personalities
Fourth Semester Elective Papers Paper IV
The Woman in Indian History
History of China and Japan since 1900
A Study of Travel and Tourism
d) 20th Century History of the Far East
Fifth Semester Compulsory Paper Paper V
History of Modern India
Elective Papers Paper VI
a ) Conflict and Integration – 20th Century World
b) History of South East Asia since 1900
c) Travel Agency and Tour Operators
d) Reform and Revolutions in Europe
Sixth Semester Compulsory
Paper VII
India After Independence
Elective Papers

Paper VIII

a) Contemporary World
b) History of West Asia Since 1900
c) Tourism Marketing
d) 20th Century Europe

History at Mount Carmel College

At Mount Carmel College, the faculty is committed to the small classroom experience. We believe that each student deserves the chance to speak out. Students benefit from close attention to their writing and speaking. The students also have a great deal of personal choice and flexibility in the curriculum.

We also have credit courses that reflect how interesting history can be-

  1. Western Art Appreciation
  2. Indian Art Appreciation
  3. Introduction to Archaeology


  • Department Library – No. of books – FORTY
  • Official department e-mail ID:


Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, envisions a life-oriented education that empowers the students through a humanizing and liberative process, to be agents of transformation and development at different levels of life. Enabled and empowered, they respond pro – actively to concerns and conflicts inherent in today’s reality, especially those of women and persons who are unable to exercise their freedom to be human and work for the integrity of creation. The thrust is in the light of a “Civilisation of love”, the Kingdom of God, as envisaged and promoted by the Foundress, Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima. Read More>>>

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