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Department of Communication Studies

It is important not only to be creative, but also relevant

Communication Studies is a vocational, undergraduate degree course, introduced by the UGC in 1994 under the nomenclature ‘Communicative English’. Our objective is to train students in the fundamentals of communication – both speaking and writing.

The emphasis here is on the learning and practical application of skills. The course focuses on writing and hones the creative ability of the students to suit specific purposes. The students are trained to fine tune the use of language to suit the medium of communication and in a manner that is sensitive to the occasion and the target audience.

They are encouraged to take on industry projects and apply classroom theory to practical market needs. In the course of three years, each student has to complete at least two internships of 4 weeks each and submit a report of their work.

Our goal is to prepare the girls for future career options in:

  • Writing for the Media
  • Professional Creative Writing
  • Management: Media Management, Production Management
  • Corporate Communications, including HR & PR
  • Web content

The syllabus is designed to focus on:

  • Writing Skills
    1. Enhancing language skills in English
    2. Understanding styles as a practitioner of literature
    3. Experimenting with composition
    4. Introducing parameters of professional choices
    5. Writing for Media
  • Corporate Skills
    1. Business & Corporate Communication
    2. Management skills
  • Building Critical Theory
    1. Introducing theories of Culture
    2. Introducing theories of Media
    3. Development Communication
    4. Research Methods, including Media research
  • Media
    1. Getting introduced to various Media
    2. Getting some technical skills related to the Media
  • Speaking skills
    1. Listening and speaking comprehension
    2. Group discussions
    3. Presentation skills
    4. Speaking for radio
  • Ms.Sahana Das (M.A., M.Phil), HOD & Associate Professor
  • Ms. Kala Ramesh (M.A.), Lecturer
  • Mr. Nitin (M.A.), Lecturer
  • Ms. Manjula Bhat (M.A.), Lecturer (Part-time)
  • Ms. Sharon Lopez (M.A., M.Phil), Lecturer (Part-time)

In addition, we have a host of guest faculty from the Industry who regularly conduct lectures for the students.

The Communication Studies programme is intended to train students to use words effectively, both spoken and written, in a manner that best utilizes the form, medium and occasion of communication.

At Mount Carmel College, the Communication Studies is offered in combination with Psychology and English Literature:

PyEC – Psychology, English Literature and Communication Studies

New: Integrated Communication Studies

The option of Integrated Communication Studies is being offered to students at the end of Semester II, where they may study Communication as a single, core subject.

The ICS program has been introduced to further enhance communication skills and provide an inter-disciplinary approach, including Economics, Design, Computer Applications, Psychology and Literature. It is a focused programme, giving the students wider career paths after graduation, such as:

  • MBA and Media Management
  • Technical Skills (page layout, sound, film)
  • Creative Writing
  • Research and Analysis

B.A. Honours (Communication Studies)

Compulsory Papers in General English &Language

Functional Writing
Practical: Speaking skills

Intro to Corporate Communication
Practical: Presentations Skills

Intro to European Literature
Perspectives in Science

Compulsory Papers in General English &Language

Writing for Print
Practical: Lab Journal

Creative Writing
Practical: Chapbook

Perspectives in Theatre (Practical)
Page Design (Practical)
Writing for Radio
Practical: Radio Scripts& Programming

Intro to Media Studies
Practical: Review of Literature

Intro to Indian Literatures I
Perspectives in Indian Art
Literatures in English: Readings & Approaches
Sound Design (Practical)
Writing for New Media
Practical: Content for Website

Media & Law
Practical: Moot Court

Advanced Writing for Print (Practical)
Contemporary India
Intro to Indian Literatures II
Narratives Techniques & Dialogues

Intro to Cultural Studies

Writing for TV – I (Practical: TV News)
OR Film Making - I

Advanced Skills in Creative Writing
Applied Economics
Research Methods
Human & Organisational Psychology
Advertising & Social Media Marketing

Documentary Film Making
Or Film Making - ll

Literatures in Translation: Language & Culture
Development Communication
Marketing Communication
Portfolio of Writing

B.A. – PyEC ( Papers in Communcation Studies)

Note: All students of PyEC have to take papers in Psychology and in English Literature. Give below are the Communication Studies paper titles.


Compulsory Papers in General English &Language

Functional Writing
Practical: Speaking skills

Intro to Corporate Communication
Practical: Presentations Skills

Optional English 1

Psychology 1

Compulsory Papers in General English &Language

Writing for Print
Practical: Lab Journal

Creative Writing
Prac: Chapbook

Optional English 2

Psychology 2

Compulsory Papers in General English &Language

Writing for Radio
Prac: Radio Scripts& Programming

Intro to Media Studies
Prac: Review of Literature

Optional English 3

Psychology 3

Compulsory Papers in General English &Language

Writing for New Media
Practical: Content for Website

Media & Law
Prac: Moot Court

Optional English 4

Psychology 4

Intro to Cultural Studies
Writing for TV – I (Pracs: TV News)
OR Film Making - I

Optional English 5
Optional English 6

Psychology 5
Psychology 6

Advertising & Social Media

MarketingDocumentary Film Making
OR Film Making - II

Optional English 7
Optional English 8

Psychology 7
Psychology 8

Note: Visit Department pages for details of Optional English & Psychology paper titles.


The AV room houses all equipment needed for daily lectures, presentations and film screenings. It is sound proofed and air-conditioned to meet international standards of classrooms teaching Media.


Radio room has an i-Mac with certified pro-tools software which meets Industry standards in Audio production. MEDIA CORNER is the area where the First Year students have their first go at tapping creative talents and work as a team.


Students actively participate various projects in and outside college Blogs:

The number of seats is limited to 25 seats for Honours and 25 seats for PyEC, so as to retain our excellent teacher-student ratio, one of the best in the world at the undergraduate level. All admissions are strictly on merit, based on an in-house entrance test.

Entrance Test:

Note: All applicants to PyEC & Communication Studies(Honours) have appear for a common entrance test.

The entrance test for the academic year 2017-2018 is scheduled for 28th April, 2017 at 9.00 a.m. Interested candidates are requested to register at the college office by paying a fee for Rs.200/-

Academic Year 2017-18: Limited seats available. Second round of Entrance Test on 30th May, 2017 at 9am.
Interested candidates are requested to register at the college office by paying a fee for Rs.200/-

Please Note: Applications forms will be released the day after Karnataka PU results are declared. The entrance test is independent of application forms and results. Successful candidates will be given admission provisional to school leaving results. Those awaiting school/PUC results can also take the entrance test. If successful, these candidates will be admitted into the course provisional to their passing the qualifying exams.

The entrance test is designed to check the aptitude of a student. The test checks one’s knowledge of current affairs, basic grammar, general knowledge and Media interest. The testing process will take an entire day. The first list of selected candidates will be released by the evening of the day of the test. A wait list will also be released and seats offered based on availability.

Total number of seats: 25 for PyEC and 25 for Honours

The candidate must fulfill the following to apply for this course:

  • Passed Std XII/ PUC or equivalent school leaving examinations
  • Possess excellence in the English language
  • Have an interest in current affairs and the Media
  • Have a creative bent of mind
  • Have the ability to work hard and with consistency

Please check the notice in the entrance exam section of our website for the scheduled date and time of the entrance test for this academic year.


  • Collect an application form from the college office, or download the form from this website
  • Register for the test at the college office with a fee of Rs.200/-
  • Report to the venue with this registration slip and your application form
  • Take the written component of the test.
  • Results of this phase will be declared within 3 hours of the test
  • If selected, proceed to the oral component, on the same day
  • The list of short-listed candidates will be released by the end of the day
  • The wait list will also be announced
  • Selected candidates must then meet the Principal with their parents/ guardians for a final interview


  1. All admissions into the PyEC and Honours course is through this entrance test alone.
  2. The test center is only at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. On-line testing facilities have not been activated.
  3. No recommendations will be entertained outside of the results of this test.

For further details, contact the college office or write to:

Ms. Sahana Das (Head of the Department),


Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, envisions a life-oriented education that empowers the students through a humanizing and liberative process, to be agents of transformation and development at different levels of life. Enabled and empowered, they respond pro – actively to concerns and conflicts inherent in today’s reality, especially those of women and persons who are unable to exercise their freedom to be human and work for the integrity of creation. The thrust is in the light of a “Civilisation of love”, the Kingdom of God, as envisaged and promoted by the Foundress, Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima. Read More>>>

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